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Clarkson - Vick Family Burials

Oak Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas
Richard A Clarkson; 1845-1913
Elizabeth Clarkson; 1848-1930
Henrietta Jeffries Clarkson; 1873-1910
William Henry Vick; 1860-1927
Camilla Clarkson Vick; 1869-1911
RA Clarkson Vick; 1903-1905

Linked toHenrietta Jeffries Clarkson; Richard Albert Clarkson; Elizabeth Jane Robinson

Oak Cemetery, Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, USA


Oak Cemetery, in Fort Smith Arkansas, is located on
the southeast corner of Greenwood and Dobson Avenues. It
is considered one of the Historic Frontier Cemeteries of
the American West; a final resting place for soldiers,
lawmen and outlaws.

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