Family Stories

Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Donoho, Charles Mitchell  20 Sep 1809Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I2557 Clarkson 
2 Parks, David  17 Jul 1779Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I2107 Clarkson 
3 Robinson, Anna  1795-1800Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I825 Clarkson 
4 Robinson, Charlotte E  16 Mar 1852Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I179 Clarkson 
5 Robinson, David  1842Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I879 Clarkson 
6 Robinson, Elizabeth  1800-1805Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I827 Clarkson 
7 Robinson, Elizabeth  1855Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I838 Clarkson 
8 Robinson, Israel Jackson  1840-1842Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I873 Clarkson 
9 Robinson, James Edward  1838-1840Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I871 Clarkson 
10 Robinson, James Uriah  1846Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I834 Clarkson 
11 Robinson, John  1815-1820Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I494 Clarkson 
12 Robinson, John  1810-1820Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I822 Clarkson 
13 Robinson, John  1825-1835Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I869 Clarkson 
14 Robinson, John Fleming  1844Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I833 Clarkson 
15 Robinson, Letitia  1810Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I2554 Clarkson 
16 Robinson, Margaret  1808Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I824 Clarkson 
17 Robinson, Margaret  1834Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I876 Clarkson 
18 Robinson, Margaret A  1843Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I862 Clarkson 
19 Robinson, Mary  1806Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I826 Clarkson 
20 Robinson, Mary  1840Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I878 Clarkson 
21 Robinson, Mary Ann  Abt 1825Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I867 Clarkson 
22 Robinson, Matthew  1804Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I821 Clarkson 
23 Robinson, Preston  1815Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I818 Clarkson 
24 Robinson, Robert Preston  30 Jul 1849Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I882 Clarkson 
25 Robinson, Rufus Montgomery  1842Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I832 Clarkson 
26 Robinson, Samuel  1805-1810Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I820 Clarkson 
27 Robinson, Samuel  Abt 1837Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I870 Clarkson 
28 Robinson, Samuel  1837Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I877 Clarkson 
29 Robinson, Samuel Dewey  31 Jul 1853Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I837 Clarkson 
30 Robinson, Sarah "Sally"  1825Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I823 Clarkson 
31 Robinson, Sarah Ann  9 Apr 1816Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I174 Clarkson 
32 Robinson, Susan Elizabeth  1838-1840Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I872 Clarkson 
33 Robinson, Susannah  1841Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I861 Clarkson 
34 Robinson, Thomas Taylor  1850Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I836 Clarkson 
35 Robinson, Victoria  1847Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I835 Clarkson 
36 Robinson, William  1795-1800Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I819 Clarkson 
37 Robinson, William  1822-1825Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I866 Clarkson 
38 Van Lear, John  10 Dec 1797Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I534 Clarkson 
39 Van Lear, Lucy  30 Dec 1784Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I532 Clarkson 
40 Van Lear, Sarah  26 Apr 1791Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I535 Clarkson 
41 Van Lear, William  Abt 1800Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I533 Clarkson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Martha  1825Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I3604 Clarkson 
2 Aul, Margaret  Aft 1850Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I811 Clarkson 
3 Broce, Frederick  2 Jun 1885Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I863 Clarkson 
4 Chrisman, Nancy  Abt 1840Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I864 Clarkson 
5 Grissom, William  27 Dec 1853Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I830 Clarkson 
6 Hall, Rosannah  6 Jun 1866Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I829 Clarkson 
7 Hess, Margaret  4 Apr 1872Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I839 Clarkson 
8 Kinzer, Philip  Sep 1849Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I874 Clarkson 
9 Robinson, Anna  Aft 1850Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I825 Clarkson 
10 Robinson, David  Jan 1816Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I512 Clarkson 
11 Robinson, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1844Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I827 Clarkson 
12 Robinson, John  May 1801Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I346 Clarkson 
13 Robinson, Margaret  Bef 1800Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I554 Clarkson 
14 Robinson, Margaret  4 Mar 1891Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I824 Clarkson 
15 Robinson, Mary  19 May 1882Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I826 Clarkson 
16 Robinson, Matthew  27 Jun 1874Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I821 Clarkson 
17 Robinson, Robert Preston  28 Sep 1851Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I882 Clarkson 
18 Robinson, Samuel  Abt 1847Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I820 Clarkson 
19 Robinson, Sarah "Sally"  22 Apr 1851Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I823 Clarkson 
20 Robinson, William  Bef 1850Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I819 Clarkson 
21 Rutledge, John  1815Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I3608 Clarkson 
22 Van Lear, Gertrude  Feb 1816Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I537 Clarkson 
23 Van Lear, John  1829Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA I493 Clarkson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fry / Robinson  1 Apr 1850Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F186 Clarkson 
2 Goodykoontz / Robinson  23 Mar 1835Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F999 Clarkson 
3 Grills / Robinson  8 Aug 1790Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F310 Clarkson 
4 Grissom / Robinson  22 Jul 1822Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F315 Clarkson 
5 Guthrie / Van Lear  22 Feb 1817Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F799 Clarkson 
6 Keister / Robinson  3 Oct 1859Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F334 Clarkson 
7 King / Van Lear  27 Dec 1815Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F192 Clarkson 
8 Kinzer / Robinson  20 Nov 1816Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F332 Clarkson 
9 Logan / Van Lear  28 Apr 1807Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F189 Clarkson 
10 Maxwell / Van Lear  4 Nov 1810Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F800 Clarkson 
11 Robinson / Aul  7 Oct 1795Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F198 Clarkson 
12 Robinson / Charlton  17 Oct 1815Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F309 Clarkson 
13 Robinson / Chrisman  1 Oct 1822Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F330 Clarkson 
14 Robinson / Donoho  30 Mar 1849Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F72 Clarkson 
15 Robinson / Hall  13 Dec 1839Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F314 Clarkson 
16 Robinson / Harvey  1 Oct 1858Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F335 Clarkson 
17 Robinson / Hess  6 Nov 1837Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F316 Clarkson 
18 Robinson / Keister  11 Jun 1842Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F331 Clarkson 
19 Robinson / Mitchell  16 Jun 1800Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F307 Clarkson 
20 Robinson / Sibold  22 Oct 1831Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F328 Clarkson 
21 Robinson / Van Lear  10 Aug 1814Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F71 Clarkson 
22 Van Lear / Davis  16 Jun 1817Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F190 Clarkson 
23 Van Lear / Hudson  3 Jan 1823Montgomery Co, Virginia, USA F193 Clarkson