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Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abney, John  Abt 1745Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I540 Clarkson 
2 Anderson, John Mortimer  6 Feb 1809Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1976 Clarkson 
3 Anderson, Pamelia Mildred  1 Feb 1810Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1781 Clarkson 
4 Anderson, Richard  15 Jun 1747Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1999 Clarkson 
5 Anderson, Sarah Frances  26 Apr 1811Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1977 Clarkson 
6 Barksdale, Mary Jane  1804Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I4375 Clarkson 
7 Bradford, William Ashton  13 Mar 1774Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1917 Clarkson 
8 Fry, Henry  24 May 1773Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1726 Clarkson 
9 Fry, James Francis 'Frank'  12 Aug 1799Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1812 Clarkson 
10 Fry, John  11 Jun 1775Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1727 Clarkson 
11 Fry, John  Between 1783 and 1787Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1836 Clarkson 
12 Fry, Joshua  17 May 1769Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1724 Clarkson 
13 Fry, Lucy Gilmer  23 Mar 1788Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1838 Clarkson 
14 Fry, Margaret Mildred  29 May 1765Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1721 Clarkson 
15 Fry, Martha  21 Dec 1767Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1723 Clarkson 
16 Fry, Martha Divers  19 Jun 1790Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1840 Clarkson 
17 Fry, Mildred Ann  9 Jul 1798Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1841 Clarkson 
18 Fry, Reuben  9 Jul 1766Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1722 Clarkson 
19 Fry, Sarah Adams "Sally"  1792Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1839 Clarkson 
20 Fry, Susan  Between 1791 and 1796Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1842 Clarkson 
21 Fry, Thomas Walker  24 Oct 1770Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1725 Clarkson 
22 Fry, Thomas Walker  Between 1783 and 1787Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1837 Clarkson 
23 Fry, William Adams  17 Oct 1761Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1797 Clarkson 
24 Maury, Francis Fontaine  30 May 1783Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1773 Clarkson 
25 Maury, Matthew Hawes  25 Nov 1777Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1772 Clarkson 
26 Maury, Mildred  16 Apr 1776Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1758 Clarkson 
27 Minor, Hugh  31 Jul 1807Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1938 Clarkson 
28 Minor, Lucy Haywood  20 Nov 1829Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1939 Clarkson 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, David  Abt 1793Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I2001 Clarkson 
2 Bradford, William Ashton  1859Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1917 Clarkson 
3 Carter, Edward  6 Jun 1792Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I3916 Clarkson 
4 Champe, Sarah  8 Sep 1814Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I3915 Clarkson 
5 Divers, George  Abt 1830Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1997 Clarkson 
6 Fry, Margaret  1811Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1718 Clarkson 
7 Fry, Martha  1813Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1716 Clarkson 
8 Fry, William  1 Jul 1760Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1717 Clarkson 
9 Gilmer, George  1795Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1959 Clarkson 
10 Gregory, Elizabeth  Sep 1796Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1957 Clarkson 
11 Hoops, Margaret  1811Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1958 Clarkson 
12 Lindsay, Reuben  1831Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1966 Clarkson 
13 Maury, James  9 Jun 1769Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1970 Clarkson 
14 Maury, Matthew  6 May 1808Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1960 Clarkson 
15 Maury, Mildred  14 Sep 1861Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1758 Clarkson 
16 Micou, Mary  20 Aug 1772Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1713 Clarkson 
17 Mills, Elizabeth  1804Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I2002 Clarkson 
18 Minor, Hugh  12 Dec 1858Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1938 Clarkson 
19 Nicholas, John  Abt 1814Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1893 Clarkson 
20 Scott, John  1798Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1892 Clarkson 
21 Walker, Lucy  1825Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1947 Clarkson 
22 Walker, Mary  20 Mar 1798Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1969 Clarkson 
23 Walker, Sarah  Between 1783 and 1790Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA I1950 Clarkson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Cole  13 Jun 1813Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F720 Clarkson 
2 Anderson / Moore  3 Nov 1807Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F719 Clarkson 
3 Clarkson / Beck  25 Jun 1863Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F45 Clarkson 
4 Fry / Barksdale  24 Jan 1822Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F1739 Clarkson 
5 Fry / Maury  27 Dec 1796Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F644 Clarkson 
6 Fry / Walker  Between 1783 and 1787Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F678 Clarkson 
7 Gilmer / Walker  27 Aug 1767Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F726 Clarkson 
8 Hornsby / Walker  8 Jan 1769Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F728 Clarkson 
9 Lindsay / Walker  20 Oct 1774Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F729 Clarkson 
10 Maury / Walker  Abt 1773Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F727 Clarkson 
11 Walker / Gregory  14 Jan 1781Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA F706 Clarkson