Family Stories

Bio of Richard Henry Clarkson

Richard Henry Clarkson was born 27 May 1823, probably in Essex county Virginia. He was the son of Richard Clarkson and Susan Lorinda Crittenden. His father died when he was about eighteen months old and his mother remained a widow for more than ten years. Susan Crittenden Clarkson was secondly married in 1836 to Lowry Elliott of Essex county Virginia. Information is limited on Richard Henry Clarkson's childhood.

John Mayo gave bond as guardian of Richard H Clarkson, under age, on 6th of March 1843. Richard H Beazley was shown as security. This appears in the Guardian Bonds of Richmond county Virginia and was probably related to Richard Henry Clarkson's upcoming marriage.

Marriage records of Richmond county Virginia indicate, "Richard H Clarkson and Maria F Jefferies were married in Richmond, March 16, 1843 by Rev R N Herndon." John FB Jeffries stood security for the marriage bond taken out 11 March 1843. Family records give the bride's full name as Sarah Maria Forest Jeffries. She was the daughter of Richard Orlando Jeffries and Eleanor Ann Bramham.

The young couple probably set up housekeeping in Richmond or Essex county Virginia. Their married life was brief as Richard Henry Clarkson died some time in the Fall of 1844, at the age of twenty-one years. Their only child, Richard Albert Clarkson, was born on the 29th of January 1845, after the death of his father. Almost two years later, Maria Jeffries Clarkson was married to Alexander Bryant, the marriage bond application dated 12 December 1846. She died four months later on the 18th of March 1847, leaving her two year old son an orphan.