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Bio: James Clarkson

James Clarkson was christened on the 16th of October 1687 in Garstang parish, Lancashire, England. He probably grew up in the village of Myerscough. On 22 Aug 1719, James Clarkson of Mirescough (Myerscough) married Margaret Anderton of Barton at St Michael's Parish Church after the publication of banns.

Defining locations has been complicated, but a recent online seach has come up with a spot on the map, in Lancashire, that brings these current locations in very close proximity to one another: Anderton Fold Farm, Barton, Myerscough College, Garstang Road (A-6), Bilsborrow Road, and St Michael's Road. I think I am honing in on the area where these ancestors lived. Today, Barnacre in Bond is a parish a little to the north of this "spot on the map". I wonder if the name Barnacre represented a village in the eighteenth century.

After lengthy consideration, I propose that the parish records below represent the family of James Clarkson and Margaret Anderton. These were found at the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Project. I think they are particularly helpful because they often give the place of abode. I don't always know if the "abode" represents a village, or parish:

James Clarkson - son of Peter Clarkson
Baptism: 16 Oct 1687 St Helen, Garstang, Lancashire, England
Abode: Barnacar [Barnacre]
Register: Baptisms 1660 - 1689, Page 151, Entry 2
Source: LDS Film 1278942

pam - I have not found a likely baptismal record for Margaret Anderton.

James Clarkson - Mirescough [Myerscough]
Margaret Anderton - Barton
Marriage: 22 Aug 1719 St Michael, St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, England
Married by Pub
Source: LDS Film 94024

Peter Clarkson - Son of James Clarkson
Baptism: 8 Oct 1721 St Michael, St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, England
Abode: Mirescough [Myerscough]
Source: LDS Film 94024

Margret Clarkson - wife of James Clarkson
Burial: 7 Sep 1728 St Helen, Garstang, Lancashire, England
Abode: Barannaker [Barnacre]
Register: Burials 1718 - 1734, Page 61, Entry 6
Source: LDS Film 1278942

James Clarkson -
Burial: 18 Oct 1729 St Helen, Garstang, Lancashire, England
Abode: Barnaker [Barnacre]
Register: Burials 1718 - 1734, Page 70, Entry 3
Source: LDS Film 1278942

Peter Clarkson may have been the only child of James Clarkson and Margaret Anderton. I do not find baptismal records for other children of a James Clarkson in either Myerscough or Barnacre. There may have been a daughter Mary Clarkson. Following this bio, see the note titled "something worth consideration". The burial records above do indicate that Peter Clarkson was orphaned at a tender age.

Listed in the index of Lancashire Wills in the Archdeaconry of Richmond is an administration for James Clarkson of Garstang in 1729. This index is on LDSSL British Film 823503#4. Reading the administration on LDSSL film 98682 we find that James Clarkson's brother Richard Clarkson is appointed to administer the will. This may be our James.

This biography of James Clarkson is drawn from the Clarkson Summary, written by Blanche Aubin Clarkson Hutchison, 1998. It has been considerably updated by her daughter, Pamela Hutchison Garrett in 2015.

Something worth consideration:
There has been the suggestion that James Clarkson and Margaret Anderton had a daughter Mary Clarkson who appears in the baptismal records of Out Rawcliffe in 1726. This is a possibility, as Out Rawcliffe is just a little west of the area we are honing in on. But, I am not convinced on this connection. Give thought to the records below. They certainly suggest a James Clarkson in Out Rawcliffe. He had a daughter Mary Clarkson, baptized in 1726. He died in January 1728, and at the settlement of his estate in July 1728, his widow is named as Margaret. He does seem like a good candidate for our family, but he isn't the same James Clarkson of Barnacre shown above, who is buried in 1729. I think James Clarkson of Out Rawcliffe, and James Clarkson of Barnacre both deserve more work.

Mary Clarkson - Daughter of James Clarkson
Baptism: 18 Dec 1726 St Michael, St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, England
Abode: Out Rawcliffe
Source: LDS Film 94024

James Clarkson -
Burial: 4 Jan 1727/8 St James, Stalmine, Lancashire, England
Abode: Rawcliff [Out Rawcliffe]
Register: Burials 1725 - 1812, Page 139, Entry 9
Source: LDS Film 1470931

Abstract from Probates
Deceased: James Clarkson of Rawcliffe, parish St Michael
Admin: Margaret Clarkson of Rawcliffe, widow of James, signed her name (only lived a few months)
Thomas Dobson of Rawcliffe, signed his name
Issued: 6 July 1728
Value: 130-17s-0d

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Bio of James Clarkson; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for Family Stories at website; 2015.