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Letter: James Clarkson to Joseph Clarkson

Below is a transcription of a letter written in 1805, by James Clarkson of Essex county Virginia, to his brother Joseph Clarkson in England. It appears to be only a part of a letter, as there is no closing. This was shared with me by Mary Buchholz, a descendant of James Clarkson. If I have understood correctly - this transcription first appeared in a genealogy that was prepared by Elkanah Clarkson. Pam Garrett, 2015

James Clarkson wrote to his brother Joseph, acknowledging the receipt of a letter written in July, 1805:

Dear Brother,

I received yours of July last a few weeks ago, and feel extremely happy in having the satisfaction to hear from you once more, but more particularly so in hearing that my Mother is yet alive. I trust you will do everthing in your power to make the remainder of her days feel comfortable. [She was then seventy-nine years of age.] For my part I have enjoyed my health very well for some years past, but old age begins to creep slowly on, grey hairs, decayed teeth, wrinkles, etc . . . Do you know of any person from about Blackley that is in Virginia or the Southern States? Of late, I can never see any person from about Manchester. In the year '93, I saw several men from about Manchester, amongst the rest was one whose wife had an aunt that lived in Blakley. There was also a man of the name of Harpley, who said he had been at the Methodist meeting at Worksop, near the Presbyterian Chapel, many a time . . .

It is to be hoped the British Tars will acquit themselves like heroes in the present critical state of affairs, so that constellations of stars and garters may be showered on their brave Commanders. We get plenty of work here . . . my character is well established as good weaver.

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Letter from James Clarkson to Joseph Clarkson; submitted by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for Family Stories at website; 2015.