Family Stories

Obituary of Henrietta Jeffries Clarkson

The death of Etta Clarkson was recorded in newspaper clippings from the family records of Albert Clarkson and in the Clarkson Family Bible. Henrietta Jeffries Clarkson died on the 7th of February 1910.

Miss Henryetta Clarkson

Miss Henryetta Clarkson, daughter of Mr and Mrs RA Clarkson, of North Nineteenth street, died in Oklahoma City this morning about 3 o'clock. She was visiting her brother and sisters and while she had been ailing a little, there was nothing to indicate the approach of death.

The intelligence of her demise came to her parents by telephone message shortly after the end came, they having had a message an hour or so previous that she was dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Words cannot tell the burden of sorrow which rests upon the hearts of her fond parents, not only because she is gone, but also because they were not with her to comfort and sustain. She was the light of their home. The only one left to cheer, to comfort and to help. In her frail body was encased a great soul, a heart full of love and tenderness. Her life was an unselfish one, beautiful in its simplicity, in its helpfulness, in its usefulness. Her mind was well stored from wide reading of books and from observation and experience. She was a wise counselor and her opinions and advice always rang true. She was in deed and in truth a genuine Christian; no pretense, no show - pure and humble and true and faithful. Her friends will miss her. Her church will miss her. In her [death] there is a void that can never be filled. There is no philosophy, no alchemy, that can bring surcease of sorrow; yet to those who loved Miss Etta Clarkson there is left the rich consolation of a beautiful life, full of good deeds. The hope of immortality which throws a beautiful light over the grave and gives abundant assurance of life eternal in the "house not made with hands", Our Father's house.

The deceased was a member of the First Presbyterian church and was very active in advancing the cause of Christianity. She was a worker in the King's Daughters society. Always assisting the helpless and supplying the wants of the needy, Miss Clarkson took a deep interest in charities. She was a member of the orphan's Home board for several years and rendered most efficient services in that institution. She furnished homes for other institutions for orphan children. The deceased was greatly interested in the study of literature and was a member of the Wednesday Club since its organization. She was also an officer in the society. She was a faithful student and often contributed articles of value to the public press and other publications.

The remains will probably arrive in Fort Smith Tuesday morning and the funeral will be held from the family residence, 106 North Nineteenth Street, Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Miss Henryetta Clarkson

Between midnight and day, on February 7, in Oklahoma City, Okla, Miss Henryetta Clarkson passed from earth to her eternal rest. For some years her health had been weak and for several days before the end came she had been suffering with an acute attack of asthma, but no serious apprehension was felt as to her condition. Her chief physical distress was that she could not sleep. But on . . . night, under the ministration of loving hands, she gained some ease, and as her sister was leaving her to the care of the nurse, she said, "I shall sleep tonight." It was a true . . . God gave His beloved sleep, and she toiled no more on earth.

She was the youngest daughter of Mr RA and Mrs Elizabeth Clarkson, and her home was in Fort Smith, Ark. At the time of her death she was visiting her sister, Mrs WH Vick of Oklahoma City, Okla. When the news came to her home city on Monday morning that she had passed away during the night, a large part of the community was thrown into sorrow. Everywhere she was the minister of love and tenderness. In her own home she was a very angel of light and usefulness. But her ministry did not stop there. The sick, the suffering, the poor, the orphan child, all knew her. Toward her church her hand was open and generous. And in the work of the church she was as . . . as her frail health permitted her to be. Although her body was frail, her mind was clear and strong and her judgment remarkably well . . .

We praise our friends, but nearly always we mingle with our praise some criticism. The writer of this memorial does not remember ever to have heard a criticism of its subject. It is as if she bore upon her bosom the Red Cross of Relief, and walked unscathed between the jarring and contending factions of the world.

How enviable was her end. For surely it will be a good thing for any one of us to say when the end shall come, "I shall sleep tonight". "The maid is not dead but sleepeth".

MMM [possibly Rev McKay, pastor of the Presbyterian Church]

Clarkson Funeral

The funeral of the late Miss Henryetta Clarkson was held Wednesday afternoon from the family home 106 N 19th Street [Fort Smith, Arkansas]. The impressive services were largely attended by hundreds of friends of the deceased and bereaved family and perfect banks of beautiful floral offerings were evidence of a glowing tribute paid by those who knew and loved the deceased. Rev McKay conducted the services and interment was made in Oak cemetery. The pall bearers were TP Winchester, OP Barkdale, EB Hempstead, JH Carnahan, WR Murry, PA Ball, TC Davis and HC Reed.