Family Stories

Bio of Roger Brooke jr, born 1673

Roger Brooke and Dorothy Neale, his wife, had, with others, Roger Brooke who was born April 12th, 1673. Charles N Edmonston continues his Brooke Family information by telling us, without indicating a source, that Roger Brooke Jr was married on 23 February 1702 to Elizabeth Hutchins, daughter of a prominent Quaker family. Her father was Francis Hutchins, a member of the House of Burgesses, and her mother was Elizabeth Burridge, daughter of John Burridge and Margaret Maudlin. Since Quakers are noted for their fine record keeping this may come from some of their Meeting records. Apparently Roger Brooke and Elizabeth Hutchins were not living in Prince Georges Co, MD at the time of their marriage, as it is said that both died in 1718 "after removing to Prince Georges Co."

Children of Roger Brooke Jr and Elizabeth Hutchins:
1. Roger Brooke, b. 21 Feb 1703; d. 28 May 1705
2. James Brooke, b. 1705; d. 11 Mar 1784
3. Elizabeth Brooke, b. 23 Nov 1708; married Nathaniel Beall
4. Dorothy Brooke, b. 05 Jul 1709; d. 1779; married Archibald Edmonston Jr.

Comments by Blanche Aubin Clarkson Hutchison, drawn from "My Own Edmonstons and a Few Others", by Charles Ninian Edmonston, 1971; with minor additions from other sources.