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Bio of Richard Bramham

Richard Bramham (Branham) Sr was born about 1645 in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. He immigrated to Rappahonnack county Virginia in 1665.

Researcher Charles E Lewis has an excellent website with research notes on Richard Bramham, his descendants, and associated families (including Haslock and Hobbs). Much of the information I have on Richard Bramham Sr comes from Charles E Lewis' research. At his website, Mr Lewis provides this caveat - This site is provided for reference only. Except where specifically cited, information contained is conjecture and should not be considered as fact.

On the 14th of October 1665, Richard Branham received a royal patent of 240 acres in Rappahannock county Virginia, for the transport of five persons from England to Virginia.

Richard Bramham Sr married Deborah Haslock, daughter of George Haslock. The date of this marriage remains in question. Most researchers place the marriage between 1665-1669. This seems to be supported by a court record in 1669 where Thomas Freshwater referred to Richard Branham as his "brother-in-law." In 1667, Thomas Freshwater married Johanna Haslock, sister of Deborah Haslock. A close bond between Richard Bramham and Thomas Freshwater is evidenced in the court records of Rappahonnock county Virginia.

Researcher Douglas Beahm has done extensive work on the Branham family and he calls into question several statements related to Richard Bramham (Branham) Sr and his wives. His postings at Genforum are insightful. There is a Will for Richard Branham in 1728, Richmond county Virginia. It names two sons, Richard Branham and John Branham, and a wife Ann Branham. Douglas Beahm gives birth years, 1688 and 1690 for Richard and John Branham. Are they the sons of Deborah Haslock Branham? Were Richard Branham and Deborah Haslock married twenty years, before their surviving sons were born. Apparently Deborah Haslock Branham died sometime between 1705-1709. Richard Branham's wife is identified as Ann in 1709.

An abstract of the Will of Richard Branham:
"Richard Branham, senr., of the County of Richmond and Parish of North Farnham," etc. Dated April 4, 1728, and admitted to probate May 1,1728, in a court held for Richmond County. " Item, I give to my son, Richard Branham, my gunn and Sea Chist and a Gold ring, which posey is memento mori." "Item, I give to my son, John Branham, Ten Shillings to buy him a ring." " Item, I give to my wife all the rest of my personal estate to her own disposing." "Item, I give all my land to my loving wife during her natural life. She making no waste thereon, nor destroy nor make use of any more than is necessary for the use of the plantation, and after which life as above being determined, it is my will and desire and I do give all my land and every part and parcel thereof to my son, Richard Branham, and his heirs forever." Ann Branham was appointed executrix. Witnesses were Robert Tomlin, Edward Gill, and Elizabeth Gill.

For a much more detailed picture of George Haslock and his son-in-law, Richard Branham, see the work of Charles E Lewis; Descendants of Richard Branham of Yorkshire, England.

Also check out the postings of researcher Doug Beahm at the Branham Forum on Genforum.