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Bio of John Mortimer Anderson

John Mortimer Anderson was born 6 February 1809, son of Edmund Anderson and Frances Moore. He was probably born at the community of Milton in Albemarle county Virginia. I considered for a long time that he was a twin to my own ggg-grandmother, Pamelia Anderson, but some sources indicate that she was born almost exactly one year later than her brother, on 1 February 1810.

When John Anderson was about four years old, his mother died, and his father quickly remarried to Nancy Cole. She was probably the mother that he most remembered. About 1815 the Anderson family removed to the town of Richmond. This is the likely place where John Mortimer Anderson received the beginnings of his education.

I have not been successful in locating John M Anderson, during his early adulthood. He did sign as security for his father in 1838 Richmond Virginia. In his later years, 1860 and 1870 census, he is living with his sister in Orange county Virginia. He is shown as a dentist.

1860 Census of Orange county Virginia
Permelia M Fry; 50 (1810) Virginia; 18575 - 8300
Philip Fry; 26 (1834) Virginia; clerk
Edmund Fry; 24 (1836) Virginia
Luther Fry; 15 (1845) Virginia
Reuben H Fry; 13 (1847) Virginia
John M Anderson; 50 (1810) Virginia; dentist

1870 Census of Orange county Virginia, Orange Court House
Philip H Fry; 35; farmer
Pamline Fry; 57
John Anderson; 60; dentist

No further information known.

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