Family Stories

1907: Oklahoma City Hardware Company

One of the strongest possible illustrations of the fact that Oklahoma City has a great commercial destiny is the large scale upon which some of the mercantile concerns of more recent establishment here have been founded. A leader among them is the Oklahoma City Hardware Company, one of the largest wholesale concerns of the entire southwest. It does a jobbing business exclusively and represents some of the largest and best known concerns in the country. The house of this company occupies Nos 19 to 25 East Grand avenue, and has an extensive building. It was first established in business in this city in 1900, and has been constantly growing ever since. The company is incorporated and has a capital stock of $500,00 making it one of the strongest competitors for the hardware business of the entire southwest, thus aiding in making Oklahoma City the greatest distributing point in this section.

The large stocks carried by this company embrace everything in the hardware lines, especially including the materials and implements adaptable to the industries of the country. The officers of the company are all capable and practical business men, progressive and modern in all of their methods, taking a lively interest in everything for the advancement of the material interests of the city and section. They are Messrs. SE Clarkson, president and buyer; AW Boyd, vice president; WH Vick, secretary and treasurer. The directors are WM Parker, WF Wilson, RA Clarkson, WH Vick, AW Boyd, SE Clarkson and Dennis T Flynn, all among the best known business men in this section. The company employ a large number of experienced and efficient men, while the officers in charge of the establishment give their personal attention to the business and attend promptly to all orders. This is especially one of the establishments which give credit to the city for doing business on a scale that entitles it to the name of a metropolis.

We cover Indian and Oklahoma territories, northern Texas and part of New Mexico.
Our ALWAYS READY line is strictly first class.
We are agent for the following lines: Peter’s loaded shells and cartridges, Lowe Bros high standard paint, Russell and Erwin’s builders supplies, the Wetter line stoves and ranges, the Vortex and Hemps hot blast heating stoves. We handle blacksmith’s supplies, carpenter’s tools, galvanized sheet iron and corrugated roofing, enameled, galvanized and tinware. Our ALWAYS READY cutlery is unsurpassed in finish and workmanship and is fully guaranteed.

The Oklahoman, (Oklahoma City), 10 March 1907.