Family Stories

About This Site

What is the website about?

"Family Stories" at was opened on the web in the Summer of 2012 to share family history with cousins, friends and genealogists. It is a follow-up on a former website, titled "Those Clarksons", that focused on the ancestors and descendents of Richard Albert Clarkson and Elizabeth Jane Robinson of Fort Smith, Arkansas. The newer "Family Stories" site will include a regularly expanding database covering a wider range of families. The database will begin with the Clarksons. The ancestral families of Richard Albert Clarkson include Jeffries, Chinn, Bramham, Crittenden, Moxley, Consterdine, Anderton, and Clarkson. The ancestral families of Elizabeth Jane Robinson include Edmonston, Royce, Van Lear, and Robinson.

Future database expansions will look at: Hutchison, Tanner, Garrett, Svejkovsky, Fry, Rowland, Grant, Nichols, Lakin, Markham, Matthews, Fleming, Hutchins, Brooks and many others.

How do I get started?

The central feature of the website is the database. It is fully searchable, using the search engine on the website. Try putting your great-grandfather’s name in the Search boxes; or try your great-grandmother’s maiden name. You can also click on the Surnames link in the left-side navigation bar to find a familiar name in the database.

The database provides a page on each individual in our family, and it also shows how each individual connects to their parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Charts can be produced to see ancestors and descendants of each individual in the database.

The individual pages give vital details (ie. dates and locations for births, marriages, and deaths). Links are also available on some individual pages to photographs, biographies, stories, documents, and other items that bring life to our ancestors.

If the database search doesn’t get you started, try some of the other links on the left-side navigation bar. The links for Photos, Headstones, Histories, and Documents will produce a list of items available on the website.

Who is the site coordinator?

The “Family Stories” website was created by, and is maintained by, Pamela Hutchison Garrett. This website tells the many and varied stories of her ancestors. If you would like to know more about Pam Garrett and her family history work, click here.

If you have questions, comments, or corrections, please Contact Pam.

How can I share my family information?

Your data, photos, and stories will be welcome additions to the website. High quality photocopies, scans, or digital images will be easiest to work with. Stories, letters, biographies typed in Microsoft Word will also simplify the sharing process. If you need to send original items such as photographs or charts, they can be scanned by the site-coordinator and returned to you.

Click here for a list of some of the items that you could share.

If you can share family information, please Contact Pam.