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Friends in Wapanucka Oklahoma, about 1918; Edith Tanner (center with belt)
Friends in Wapanucka Oklahoma, about 1918; Edith Tanner (center with belt)


I love family stories, especially stories from long ago. A favorite of mine is one about Great-Grandfather Hutchins who killed a mountain lion around Natchez Mississippi in the days before the Civil War. Or, there's the story about little Edith Tanner starring in the Wapanucka school play in 1920. The press deemed her, "The cutest little thing." I also enjoy a good mystery. I have long pondered the question: "Did young George Washington present a eulogy at the grave of my Great-Grandfather Fry?" My favorite part of family history is gathering the Family Stories and I've been working at that for more than thirty years. Now it's time to share.

These pages contain family stories, along with documents, photographs, and genealogies of my ancestors and related families. At present, the primary focus is the ancestors and descendants of Richard Albert Clarkson and Elizabeth Jane Robinson of Fort Smith, Arkansas. As the website develops, more families will be added, including: Fry, Grant, Hutchins, Hutchison, Markham, Rowland, Tanner and many others.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Bio of Edmund Anderson
An Albemarle County Virginia native, Edmund Anderson pursued business, land speculation, and even served as a Postmaster in Richmond Virginia. PDF

feature 2 Clarkson Family in England
James Clarkson was a British Soldier during the American Revolution. Here is the story of his family in Lancashire England. It comes from the research of Blanche Aubin Clarkson Hutchison, originally compiled in 1994 and updated in 2008. PDF

feature 3 Fry Family Summary: Joshua Fry
Colonel Joshua Fry (1699-1754) was a teacher, surveyor, adventurer, mapmaker, soldier, and member of the House of Burgesses, the legislature of the colony of Virginia. Read his story. PDF

feature 4 Robert Hutchison: A Name Long Treasured
This is the story of four men who share the name Robert Hutchison; beginning with my great-grandfather who was born in 1858 in Ayrshire Scotland. He came to America in 1880 and eventually settled in Coal county Oklahoma. His name passed down to his son, grandson and great-grandson. PDF

feature 5 Ancestor Charts, Eight Generations
Media Charts displaying the ancestors, currently in the database, for our grandparents: Hutchison, Tanner, Clarkson, Rowland, Garrett, Hoffman, Svejkovsky, Swanda.

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