Family Stories

North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, George David Simpson  1833North Carolina, USA I581 Clarkson 
2 Allen, William  Between 1820 and 1825North Carolina, USA I607 Clarkson 
3 Brassell, Tabitha  1800North Carolina, USA I2118 Clarkson 
4 Brown, Mary Emily  1839North Carolina, USA I577 Clarkson 
5 Burrow, Thomas  1808North Carolina, USA I3136 Clarkson 
6 Cole, Calvin  1835North Carolina, USA I3090 Clarkson 
7 Edmonston, Archibald  Abt 1808North Carolina, USA I584 Clarkson 
8 Edmonston, Bazil Brooke  Abt 1815North Carolina, USA I587 Clarkson 
9 Edmonston, Daniel  Abt 1811North Carolina, USA I585 Clarkson 
10 Edmonston, James  3 Oct 1786North Carolina, USA I557 Clarkson 
11 Garrett, Jacob  1771North Carolina, USA I3841 Clarkson 
12 Garrett, Smith  1804North Carolina, USA I3831 Clarkson 
13 Hern, George  1790North Carolina, USA I3054 Clarkson 
14 Hicks, Henry  1818North Carolina, USA I3074 Clarkson 
15 Howard, Sarah  1801North Carolina, USA I1285 Clarkson 
16 Hutchins, James L  1753North Carolina, USA I4278 Clarkson 
17 Hutchins, John Anthony  1750North Carolina, USA I4276 Clarkson 
18 Hutchins, Thomas H  27 Jul 1763North Carolina, USA I4280 Clarkson 
19 Mouser, George  Abt 1800North Carolina, USA I1298 Clarkson 
20 Newsom, Kenion  Abt 1821North Carolina, USA I660 Clarkson 
21 Pool, Elisha F  1825North Carolina, USA I3706 Clarkson 
22 Rhodes, Louise  1800North Carolina, USA I3798 Clarkson 
23 Shields, Joseph  Abt 1765North Carolina, USA I891 Clarkson 
24 Spellings, Gideon  1805North Carolina, USA I3789 Clarkson 
25 Stephens, Needham  1818North Carolina, USA I1387 Clarkson 
26 Strother, Mary Ann  16 Oct 1803North Carolina, USA I566 Clarkson 
27 Tanner, James  1780North Carolina, USA I1420 Clarkson 
28 Vick, Ransom A  1822North Carolina, USA I430 Clarkson 
29 Walker, Jemina  7 Mar 1802North Carolina, USA I2580 Clarkson 
30 Whortell, Sarah Ann  Oct 1791North Carolina, USA I988 Clarkson 
31 [Unknown], Altha A  1795North Carolina, USA I1379 Clarkson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Edmonston / Rose  Abt 1785North Carolina, USA F199 Clarkson