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Missouri, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Welker, Peter  1816Missouri, USA I848 Clarkson 
2 McMurtry, Levenia  30 Mar 1816Missouri, USA I2129 Clarkson 
3 Ashlock, Benjamin  1820Missouri, USA I2137 Clarkson 
4 Dunaway, William E  1822Missouri, USA I1279 Clarkson 
5 Dunaway, Pamelia  1823Missouri, USA I1283 Clarkson 
6 Robinson, Permelia Jane  1823Missouri, USA I847 Clarkson 
7 Robinson, Samuel  10 Aug 1824Missouri, USA I845 Clarkson 
8 Demasters, Elizabeth  1825Missouri, USA I1289 Clarkson 
9 Dunaway, Lydia "Liddie" R  1825Missouri, USA I1280 Clarkson 
10 Hunsucker, James  1825Missouri, USA I1290 Clarkson 
11 McCutcheon, Ailey  1825Missouri, USA I2136 Clarkson 
12 Dunaway, Arena  1828Missouri, USA I1284 Clarkson 
13 Taylor, David  1829Missouri, USA I2790 Clarkson 
14 Jamison, Ann  1830Missouri, USA I2138 Clarkson 
15 Dickey, Catherine  Dec 1831Missouri, USA I846 Clarkson 
16 Bradshaw, Miles  1833Missouri, USA I1095 Clarkson 
17 Dunaway, Christiana  1834Missouri, USA I1093 Clarkson 
18 Provine, William Lafayette  1835Missouri, USA I2148 Clarkson 
19 Mason, Mary Ann  1839Missouri, USA I854 Clarkson 
20 Smith, Wesley Letton  1840Missouri, USA I4151 Clarkson 
21 Yeargin, Lucy  11 Apr 1842Missouri, USA I2149 Clarkson 
22 Taylor, John G  10 Oct 1843Missouri, USA I2801 Clarkson 
23 Taylor, Susanna  1845Missouri, USA I2802 Clarkson 
24 Roach, Hannah K  1847Missouri, USA I2558 Clarkson 
25 Hancock, Benjamin Thomas  1 Jul 1847Missouri, USA I3600 Clarkson 
26 Grenia, Julia  1848Missouri, USA I2150 Clarkson 
27 Hamlett, Malinda  18 Oct 1848Missouri, USA I4412 Clarkson 
28 Taylor, Juliann  1849Missouri, USA I2803 Clarkson 
29 Hunsucker, Lucretia F  1850Missouri, USA I1292 Clarkson 
30 [Unknown], Sarah  1850Missouri, USA I1157 Clarkson 
31 Johnson, Susan Jane  1851Missouri, USA I2561 Clarkson 
32 Sloan, Josephine  1851Missouri, USA I2151 Clarkson 
33 Taylor, James Nichols  1851Missouri, USA I2804 Clarkson 
34 Hargrove, Jane  1852Missouri, USA I1102 Clarkson 
35 Stonestreet, William M  Feb 1852Missouri, USA I4149 Clarkson 
36 Carroll, Mitchel Donathan  Abt 1853Missouri, USA I1445 Clarkson 
37 Doss, William Franklin "Frank"  Sep 1853Missouri, USA I1487 Clarkson 
38 Hutchins, James Blaine  1854Missouri, USA I4162 Clarkson 
39 Parks, Nancy A  1856Missouri, USA I1155 Clarkson 
40 Tanner, Elizabeth  1856Missouri, USA I1416 Clarkson 
41 Parks, Mary Jane  1859Missouri, USA I1156 Clarkson 
42 Chamberlain, Jeremiah Hutchins  1860Missouri, USA I4139 Clarkson 
43 Carroll, Selina  1861Missouri, USA I1440 Clarkson 
44 Murray, Henry Alfred  20 Apr 1861Missouri, USA I2748 Clarkson 
45 Gibbins, Julia  1862Missouri, USA I2559 Clarkson 
46 Dunaway, James G  1863Missouri, USA I1451 Clarkson 
47 Bass, Margaret  7 Dec 1864Missouri, USA I4098 Clarkson 
48 Frazer, Benjamin Boyd  1866Missouri, USA I4150 Clarkson 
49 Tanner, George  1868Missouri, USA I1160 Clarkson 
50 Turner, Hattie  Mar 1868Missouri, USA I133 Clarkson 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Robinson, Cyrus Vanlear  Bef 1840Missouri, USA I553 Clarkson 
2 Charlton, Lucinda  Aft 1840Missouri, USA I814 Clarkson 
3 Hancock, Edward  4 Feb 1867Missouri, USA I2706 Clarkson 
4 White, Jemima  18 Jun 1884Missouri, USA I2707 Clarkson 
5 Ward, Joseph Bartlett  1891Missouri, USA I488 Clarkson 
6 Hancock, Margaret S  6 Apr 1900Missouri, USA I2708 Clarkson 
7 Deskin, Raleigh "Rol"  1 Oct 1916Missouri, USA I2736 Clarkson 
8 Hamlett, Malinda  3 Jan 1935Missouri, USA I4412 Clarkson 
9 Fawcett, Blanche Emma  Oct 1939Missouri, USA I3778 Clarkson 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mouser / Best  Abt 1817Missouri, USA F475 Clarkson 
2 Robinson / Estes  Abt 1819Missouri, USA F812 Clarkson 
3 Robinson / Roach  1867Missouri, USA F1000 Clarkson 
4 Hatfield / Dunaway  Between 1872 and 1880Missouri, USA F412 Clarkson 
5 Deskin / Hancock  31 Jul 1873Missouri, USA F1072 Clarkson 
6 Chamberlain / Bass  12 Nov 1885Missouri, USA F1630 Clarkson 
7 Edmonston / McCormick  31 Mar 1895Missouri, USA F182 Clarkson 
8 Doss / Robinson  1906-1910Missouri, USA F532 Clarkson