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History of Archibald Robinson Family

Archibald Robinson was a veteran of the War of 1812 . . Montgomery County Virginia settled in the area now known as Irondale, in Washington County, Missouri. He and his first wife (name not known*) were parents of one son, Preston Robinson and four daughters Sara Ann Hewet (Wilkinson), Jane Reyburn (Samuel A), Mary Evans (Dr Jessie) and Elizabeth Terrill (Richard).

After the death of his first wife, he returned to Virginia where he married Mary Mitchell Donoho, the daughter of Edward Donoho, Esq, a land owner of Lafayette, Montgomery co, Virginia. Their only child Charlotte Harvey, was born March 16, 1852. When she was about six weeks old she was brought to Missouri in a basket especially made for the trip. On his return, he continued to be a successful land ownner and business man until his death December 19, 1863. Mary continued to operate the estate with the assistance of her step-son, Col Preston Robinson.

In the winter of 1884 she was confined to her home with a severe cold. Before retiring one evening, she stood warming at the fireplace when her gown caught fire. In spite of the efforts of her daughter and two over-night guests, she was severely burned. She died two weeks later on January 18, 1884. She was to have been buried beside her husband in the Caledonia Pres. Cemetery, but a heavy snow fall covered his tombstone, and it could not be found. She was buried in the same general area, but not in the reserved plot.

The two over-night guests were Misses Rose and Dora Russell, from whom later Charlotte and her husband J H Campbell bought the family farm in Belleview. The family owned this farm until the early 1990's when daughter, Anna, passed away.

Washington County Missouri History (?)
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note added by Pamela Hutchison Garrett (2008): The first wife of Archibald Robinson was Jane VanLear.