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Obituary of Edmund Mortimer Fry

Edmund M Fry, who fell in the last battle, at Manassas, was the son of the late Phillip S Fry, of Orange Court House Virginia, who still has three other sons in the Army, one is Captain (William) commanding the Orange Artillery, in General A P Hillís Division, who distinguished himself in the battle at Sharpsburg, in silencing three of the Yankee batteries, with great loss on their side.

Richmond Whig (Richmond, Virginia); dated 9 December 1862.

- extracted from the biography of William Peake who served in the Montpelier Guards: No company achieved for itself a nobler name during the war, than did the Montpelier Guards. It formed part (was Company A) of the 13th Virginia Infantry, whose name was a synonym for gallantry, and whose first commander was A. P. Hill. Its dead sanctify many a field of battle, from First Manassas to Appomattox; while its living heroes, wounded and maimed, still awaken sad memories of the past. Lewis B. Williams, its first Captain, rose to the rank of Colonel, and fell at Gettysburg; Champ Cook, a beardless veteran, met his death while leading his company at First Cold Harbor; and Wilson Newman, "first among his equals," received his mortal wound at Winchester; Thomas Wilroy shared a like fortune, while those of the rank and file, subordinate in this only, illustrated a courage not often equaled, perhaps never surpassed. Sergeant Thomas Littleton Goodwyn, John W. Moore, Ned Fry, George Martin Burruss, with his two brothers, Robert and Joseph, Ira S. and his brother L. Tandy Brockman, Alexander Thomas, Robert D. Powell, Hugh Powell, Asa Brockman, Richard Bernard, Hugh Atkins, Thomas Bledsoe, Marcellus Robinson, Robert Rogers, Halsey, Sizer, and others, sleep in soldiers' graves.

The University Memorial: Biographical Sketches of Alumni of the University of Virginia who Fell in the Confederate War (Google eBook); Turnbull Brothers, 1871

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Obituary of Edmund Mortimer Fry; compiled by Pamela Hutchison Garrett for Family Stories at website; 2017.